Dressing Your Bump this Festive Season 🎄

November 24, 2021

Dressing Your Bump this Festive Season 🎄

The festive season is fast approaching (how?!) and with everything happening around you, the last thing you want to worry about is ‘how to dress your bump’. So Mama, I’m here to tell you, we’ve got you covered - literally. 

Our styling tips are broken down into trimesters so you can jump straight to the one that’s appropriate for you this season. Be sure to read our final MAMA MUSE tips at the end, your stylish-self will thank you for it. 

First Trimester 

This one is probably the easiest in terms of fashion but certainly not in terms of pregnancy. If you’re spending these three months feeling nauseous, avoiding trigger foods and eyeing off anything that resembles a ‘bucket’, we hear you sister. It’s not a pretty time, in fact, it’s pretty tough. If you find yourself at your work Christmas function trying not to be sick all over your boss whilst sipping on your “vodka” soda, we suggest that you dress in something comfortable with a bit of coverage so you can focus on getting through the night!

Think: fabrics that are soft, easy to wear and designed with comfort in mind. Look in your wardrobe for inspiration, if it doesn’t tick these three boxes, put it aside until, well, postpartum. Now is a great time to start investing in some chic pieces that will grow with you, literally!
Think about your feet too, swap out those heels for something comfortable yet still stylish. It’s absolutely exhausting growing a baby, they say it’s like you’re running a marathon doing NOTHING so mama, pull up a chair and make sure that waiter is serving you regular appetisers - pregnancy friendly of course.

First Trimester: Savannah Tiered Maternity & Nursing Dress – perfect for hiding that awkward evening bloat

Savannah Tiered Maternity and Nursing Dress in Chantilly Pink

Second Trimester

Ah, the long awaited second trimester has arrived. If you’re lucky, you’ve said good riddance to morning sickness (or perhaps it’s decided to hang around - sending all the love, mama!). But moving on to something a little more pretty… your bubba! Chances are, your news is out and you’re likely very proud to be carrying the extra baggage - I mean baby - so let’s talk about how you can dress her - or him - up with pride.

Think: fabrics that give and stretch or are loose fitting. Get creative, mix and match and you’ll find some pieces work great on your body in pregnancy and others will be completely useless - for now. You’re probably - if you’re not already - only weeks (or days) away from swapping out your beloved jeans for active wear as your every-occasion-attire, but there will be times (like Christmas and all the festive events that come with it) when you need to put on something stylish

So whilst you’re out doing your last minute Christmas shopping, get comfy in your stretchy leggings but glam it up with an oversized tea, a cute blazer and those polished white sneakers! 

And as for that special event? Why not opt for a beautiful wrap dress or textured maxi with plenty of stretch-shirring that will hug you in all the right places without being clingy.

Second Trimester: Graphic Maternity Tee – who said comfy has to be frumpy?

Baby on Board Graphic T-Shirt by Mama Muse

Third Trimester 

You’re on the home stretch now mama, yet somehow you’re getting slower, heavier and riding a rollercoaster of mood swings. Maybe you’ve adopted a fabulous waddle and the end just can’t come soon enough. Has pregnancy brain kicked in yet? You’re also likely at the point that if you drop something on the ground, it’s dead to you. We know, we’ve been there. It’s all the feels at once - down to every leg cramp, back twitch and body-ache. At this point, you probably just want to stay at home wearing your partner's oversized clothes… but we’re here to tell you your dressing up days don’t have to be over.

Think: ‘bump-friendly' styles that are designed to hug your bump or fall loosely over top. In addition, you might also like to pair these items with layers or resort style clothes that will compliment your ever-changing body. Looking and feeling fabulous in the third trimester is made easy with your gorgeous bump being the feature of every outfit.   

Third Trimester: Skylar Shirred Maternity & Nursing Dress in Soft Sky Blue – stunning crochet-lace detail throughout, to make you feel a million dollars, without all the effort

Skylar Shirred Maternity and Nursing Dress by Mama Muse

Fourth Trimester: AKA Postpartum 

The most precious time, your baby is in your arms. You’re lucky if you’ve showered in the last two days let alone washed your hair. Suddenly, all your needs go out the window and you’re probably just excited to find some clean clothes not covered in baby poop and vomit. When the time comes and you’re ready to leave the house - wearing something, uhum, less ‘homey’ - you’re probably wondering how to dress your amazing, life-creating, postpartum body. 

Think: any clothes from trimester two or three that have stretch and flexibility with easy nursing access in mind. If you’re breastfeeding, you’ll need to think about clothes that detach, stretch, slip down or lift up. There’s never an expectation to be back in anything more fitting - like jeans - so continue to wear clothes that simply make you feel your best and tick those new mama boxes.

Fourth Trimester:  Elliot Pinstripe Maternity & Nursing Shirt Dress– a relaxed fit with easy access for breastfeeding – perfect for bump and beyond!

Elliot Pinstripe Maternity and Nursing Cotton Shirt Dress by Mama Muse

MAMA MUSE final tips and recap for the festive season:

  • This is not a time to follow trends - wear the clothes that actually make you feel amazing, not look the most stylish.
  • Be proactive in your choices when shopping for maternity clothes - can you still wear this postpartum and will it be breastfeeding friendly?
  • Be sure to think of staple pieces that are timeless - will this still look ‘stylish’ in 5 years time?
  • Get creative! Some of your wardrobe pieces will be perfect all the way through - ask around, friends may have some staple items or maternity clothes that you can borrow too! 
  • Take care of your feet - choose footwear with comfort in mind and sit as often as possible (remember, you’re running a marathon - and winning in our eyes!) 
  • Try to embrace this time of your life, even on the hard days. Despite the challenges, pregnancy is a gift.
  • Get creative with those mocktails because you’re going to need them this festive season!

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